What an Annual Physical Reveals About Your Health

Apr 09, 2024
What an Annual Physical Reveals About Your Health
Annual physicals give you the chance to build a trusting relationship with your primary care provider, and they benefit your health in lots of ways, many of which you may not realize. Read on to learn the importance of visiting your doctor annually.

For many, seeing your primary care provider is only a priority when you’re not feeling well. However, visiting your doctor regularly — preferably once a year — can benefit you in more ways than you may know. It’s helpful to think of your physician as your partner for your current and future health and well-being.

Even if you don’t have any serious health issues, it’s necessary to have a provider that you can touch base with whenever something does come up, such as mental health concerns or changes in family medical history. 

Regular physicals can also give your primary care provider the chance to catch serious health issues early and provide you with methods for preventing the onset of problematic conditions.

At San Feliz Urgent Care in Glendale, California, our medical team offers annual physicals, or well-visits, for the benefit of your health. We want you to know why physicals are so important and what to expect during your unique checkup.

How annual physicals benefit your health

One of the best things about annual physicals is that they provide the perfect opportunity to ask your provider any burning questions you have that don’t warrant their appointment. Maybe you’ve had a lingering health issue, or you want a medical opinion about something. Whatever it is, a wellness visit is the place to ask any burning medical questions.

Some other key benefits of seeing us regularly include:

  • Finding health issues before they become serious
  • Treating conditions early to improve the outcome
  • Monitoring existing chronic health conditions
  • Staying up-to-date on vaccinations and health screenings
  • Developing an open relationship with your provider
  • Gathering ideas on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

In addition, if we can prevent serious health conditions or catch them early, it lowers your chance of needing extreme or expensive treatments in the future. 

What to expect from your annual physical

Everyone’s annual physical looks a little bit different since no two people have the same current health conditions or family history. However, each visit starts with the basics. We check your height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. We also ask you how you’ve been feeling while reviewing your medical history and making any necessary updates.

We may also recommend the following screenings or procedures:

  • Checking your blood sugar levels
  • Updating vaccinations
  • Examining muscle strength and joint flexibility 
  • Screening for colon cancer or skin cancer
  • Doing a thorough blood lipid profile
  • Examining your internal organs

Also, if your child needs a sports physical, we can add screenings for conditions such as asthma and recommend some stretches and other activities for optimal sports performance. 

To schedule your next wellness visit, call our office at 818-296-0201 or book online.