Was attended quickly staff was very friendly and doctor did an awesome job with my diagnosis. They sent my prescriptions to the pharmacy and off I went.

Teresita T. | May 24, 2024

Received great care and the nurse practitioner was amazing.

Karina S. | May 22, 2024

Very friendly. Best urgent care

Alayla F. | May 21, 2024

They were very polite and understanding the patient and listening what’s going on .

Arax J. | May 21, 2024

Amazing service. Thank you! I came in with an a jury and they jumped to help right away. Then asked for paper-work. The best urgent care I have ever been to. Going only here from now on.

Andrew T. | May 21, 2024

Very clean and quick service

Mane A. | May 19, 2024

The check in process seemed a little disorganized, but everyone was very cordial, I was seen quickly, and I already feel 90% better with what the doctor did for me.

Diana W. | May 17, 2024

The doctor, nurse, & the staff are all very nice & very professional. I will definitely go back there for my immediate medical problems. I already recommended this to my other friends.

Maria V. | May 15, 2024

Prompt, professional, and caring service. I received 15 stitches and was in and out in less than two hours. They did a great job and made me feel at ease.

William D. | May 14, 2024

Karen Artushi P. | May 14, 2024

My first experience was good and the doctor was very knowledgeable and helpful

Bella A. | May 12, 2024

Great. Check in the done online and I saw the doctor within an hour.

Fred R. | May 10, 2024

Everyone was friendly and the place was very clean. The doctor had heard me coughing in the waiting room so already advised the assistant to take me for a chest X-ray before I even was seen. Wait time was not long but it was late in the evening when I went.

Colleen P. | May 10, 2024


Janet S. | May 09, 2024

Great service very helpful from the start to end of the visit thank you see you again

Sylvia M. | May 08, 2024

I was able to make an appointment for the same day. The staff was incredible and the doctor I saw was very caring and answered all my questions. Definitely not your average urgent care person experience!

Cristina D. | May 05, 2024

Everything was fast and efficient the staff was very friendly and the doctor took care of me, answered all my questions. The nurse was super helpful and friendly as well. The nurse helped me with translating and my son was very happy as well . I would come back if I need it

Magdalena G. | May 04, 2024


Roberto S. | May 03, 2024

Incredibly kind staff. Doc and front office staff were the best. Super efficient. Super helpful. Undoubtedly the best urgent care in Glendale.

Daniel O. | May 03, 2024

Very efficient , kind and friendly staff

Talia S. | May 03, 2024

An outstanding services , and most care ive ever received in any of the urgent care places in around LA . It will be a place for me to go if I ever will need to go to urgent care again . I felt safe , and truly cared for by the stuff of this clinic . Thank you !

Tatyana K. | May 02, 2024

Very fast and helpful staff and good doctor explaining details of your condition

Anahit A. | Apr 30, 2024


Christian S. | Apr 29, 2024


Arthur I. | Apr 28, 2024


Elvira A. | Apr 27, 2024

Ver fast service

Christine C. | Apr 27, 2024

Clean and fast service

Jessie C. | Apr 26, 2024

Overall a very positive experience. They are open late, very clean and knowledgable team.

Zareh M. | Apr 26, 2024

Friendly staff and doctor. I was satisfied with the service.

Mary M. | Apr 24, 2024

Very good service and experience doctor good medicine I love it

Adela C. | Apr 21, 2024

Staff was very help and friendly I will definitely go back

Jayleen E. | Apr 20, 2024

Amazing service. Professional, timely, and kind.

Anapaula O. | Apr 19, 2024

Good personal

Carlos M. | Apr 19, 2024

Nurse and physician’s assistant were amazing with my son. They were so engaging/knew how to get on his level, gentle, patient & reassuring. It was by far the best Urgent Care experience I have ever had.

Remy Z P. | Apr 15, 2024

Friendly and helpful staff. Quick service

Aaron H. | Apr 12, 2024

First time , good customer service

Selene S. | Apr 11, 2024

Friendly staff and clean environment!

Gayane Y. | Apr 08, 2024

Excellent service Thank you so much

Alvaro R. | Apr 08, 2024

Amazing experience dr was great all was friendly

Ozra S. | Apr 05, 2024

The staff are friendly

Imelda M. | Apr 04, 2024

I was an out-of-state visitor who was quite sick with a sinus infection. I was very happy that I chose San Feliz Urgent Care for my medical needs. I was treated kindly by a caring and professional staff who quickly met my needs for a speedy tecovery. I would definitely highly recommend this facility to all.

Janna W. | Apr 03, 2024


Mila H. | Apr 03, 2024

The staff was super helpful and nice. The medical staff was able to address my concerns quickly and professionally.

Elizabeth Lynn Caudell S. | Apr 02, 2024

La atencion fue muy buena muy amables

Sonia C. | Mar 30, 2024

Excelente doctor

Maria Teresa G. | Mar 30, 2024

Great staff. They diagnosed me, treated me, and send me on my way in less than an hour. Thank you!

Valentina A. | Mar 29, 2024

Called my health insurance company Sat night to inquire about which urgent care in my neighborhood was open and accepted my insurance. Was told to go to San Feliz which was open until 10pm. Checked in and completed online paperwork via text link. Saw Dr EMY ODURO-BURTON. She looked at my wound and took great care of me. I felt confident in her assessment and care. Was prescribed antibiotics and went to 24hr pharmacy for pick up. Will

Adella L. | Mar 25, 2024

I was attended to swiftly and with great care!

Maria L. | Mar 25, 2024

Very welcoming environment. Visit was quick an efficient. Would visit again.

Ana R. | Mar 21, 2024

The staff were professional efficient and polite. KevAnn the Nurse Practitioner took time listen and examine , she was also very kind, empathetic and took the time listen and explain my problem to me with solutions.

Mia H. | Mar 20, 2024

The staff here is so kind and efficient. I was in and out in less than an hour with some prescriptions to help me manage symptoms. They also did not just throw antibiotics at me, which I appreciate. This care center seems very kid-friendly too if you are bringing a sick child.

Alexandra G. | Mar 20, 2024

Thank YOU! Brought my mom with a bad cough to get tested for Covid at almost closing time on Sunday night and everyone was so nice and supportive. Thank you for being there and available!

Francisca M. | Mar 19, 2024

Great service. Ladies at the front desk are pleasant. The doctor who rendered treatment was the best. Facility is clean

Ferdinand C. | Mar 15, 2024

It was great

Liga T. | Mar 14, 2024

Great service and awesome staff!

Alexie F. | Mar 14, 2024

They have the nicest staff with great bed side manner and do their best to asses and get you better.

Charles Y. | Mar 14, 2024

Absolutely amazing service by every single employee at the center. From the front desk to the X-ray technician to the physician. We were in and out in an hour. Our questions were all answered and all medications were explained to us. 5/5

Anet S. | Mar 12, 2024

Evelyn at the front desk was lovely and very comforting. Very efficient. We were in and out in under an hour! The PA Vahe was great as well. Definitely recommend this place.

Laura Jean O. | Mar 11, 2024

Quick and very professional. Would definitely return.

Laura S. | Mar 11, 2024

Excelente servicio lo recomiendo las recepcionistas son amables respetuosas me agradó muchísimo que son bilingües porque también hablan español y eso es difícil encontrar en otras clínicas el Doctor muy profesional amable muchas gracias por su atención

Gabriel D. | Mar 10, 2024

Impressive work they do here

Richmond S. | Mar 09, 2024

Good place, good people, good treatment from (receptionist to doctor) excellent, I hope you continue and believe that: patient is an angel who brings us sustenance!

Yousef S. | Mar 08, 2024

very good

Sarah W. | Mar 08, 2024

It is a nice office But the Lady Dr was impressive I fill confidence in her treatment Thanks Ilona Levine

Ilona L. | Mar 04, 2024

The staff was friendly and efficient. The nurse practitioner listened to my concerns and addressed them well. I left confident I would get better fast with their treatment.

Bonnie F. | Mar 03, 2024

Excellent care by all staff members. It was easy to get in, there is parking behind the building, everyone was so nice, I felt very well attended to.

Michele W. | Mar 01, 2024

Went had a pink eye n sore throat. Service was fast and smooth. PA saw me and ordered the medicine I needed instantly. Couldn’t have asked for a better urgent care. Thank you.

Victor G. | Feb 28, 2024

Muy buena

Anahi T. | Feb 27, 2024

Quick, informative, very friendly

Judith A. | Feb 27, 2024

Urgent care was very clean and organized, and staff were very professional. They took care of my issue in a very professional and timely manner. I highly recommend the place.

Edmond F. | Feb 24, 2024

Always amazingly friendly and professional for your best interest. Follow up with you and explain you in details why this and that and why not this and that. They are very concerned for their patients and don t let one rock unturned and give you all directions to follow in case of long term treatment.

Noelle C. | Feb 24, 2024

Fantastic care and wonderful staff. Would definitely recommend going to San Feliz urgent care

Bret A. | Feb 23, 2024

Good attentive and effective care

Joseph M. | Feb 21, 2024

I was so happy with the treatment that i received at San Feliz urgent care yesterday. I will definitely refer friends and family here, the telemedicine appointment was fast and convenient and I felt that i was still able to connect with the healthcare professionals.

Jaimie G. | Feb 21, 2024

Buen servicio

Santiago L. | Feb 19, 2024

The doctor and stuff were Amazing!!! They took such a good care of my 6 year old daughter. She was bleeding from her chin… in so much pain … from the accident she had outside playing. She was so much better leaving this Urgent Care!!! Thank you very much !!!! I give this place 10/10 … and Highly Recommend it !!!!

Amilia C. | Feb 19, 2024

Everyone is friendly and kind. Facility is new and clean, which I hope they'll keep that way.

Ma Theresa Noriega S. | Feb 18, 2024

Front desk was amazing. Waiting time probably 5 min. Medical stuff not clear not helpful. I left home with 160-142 blood pressure explanation was anxiety attack

Hamlet A. | Feb 18, 2024

Phenomenal service! Hopefully you are healthy, but just in case, do no hesitate to come here!

Leah T. | Feb 14, 2024

fast easy and they're all so nice

Kayla T. | Feb 11, 2024


Cupertino J. | Feb 07, 2024

This is definitely the Urgent Care that I would recommend. We went there for my 3 years old kid to check on ears. The great thing is that they work until 10 pm which is excellent for working parents. The place is very clean, both the front office staff and the physician were very helpful and professional. They arrange the check-up very quickly. The physician Emin A did careful checking and prescribed the needed medicine. We will certainly go there again.

Martin S. | Feb 06, 2024

I read the reviews on this website before coming and I'll admit, this many positive reviews felt fake so I was skeptical! But you can imagine my delight upon actually going to find this to be the *best* urgent care experience I have ever had. It's bright and clean inside, and the staff is the nicest, most friendly staff you'll ever encounter. I was the only one there so I didn't have to wait long, but it also seemed like they are committed to making the urgent care experience better than the usual and as painless as possible.

Rachel M. | Feb 05, 2024

great doctor, great service. really clean and friendly.

Daniel Z. | Feb 02, 2024

Staff was very helpful and friendly. I was taking care of quick and efficiently.

Silvana A. | Jan 24, 2024

The best urgent care I’ve ever been to. Very pleasant staff, very helpful and so glad they are so close to where I live! I am very happy with my visit, simple and fast

Tracie P. | Jan 22, 2024

Great staff and great care.

Kristen B. | Jan 20, 2024

Amazing customer service

Jennifer O. | Jan 18, 2024

Excellent urgent care, received great service and Dr was very attentive.

Giovanni M. | Jan 16, 2024

Had the 2 sweetest ladies help me remove my piercing. Although painful, they made it a better experience. Definitely would come back.

Zoe C. | Jan 15, 2024

This place is so quick and efficient, the nurses are super nice, all around great experience

Miguel A. | Jan 12, 2024

Promt, friendly, professional service. Very caring staff, I drive further for their professional services.

Angel A. | Jan 08, 2024

Amazingly friendly staff. Very clean and efficient.

Eloise C. | Jan 06, 2024

Great staff

Gregory K. | Jan 06, 2024

Friendly, professional, fast and clean. Easy check in and scheduling. Probably the best experience I've had at an urgent care.

Erin S. | Jan 05, 2024


Esai D. | Dec 31, 2023

Very easy to gather info, friendly personal, clean and quick service. Easy access to location.

Johanna S. | Dec 29, 2023

Very Clean place as An Urgent Care they really helped us out on Christmas Day and we left knowing this is the place to go whenever we need them. Thanks ✔️

Serina D. | Dec 29, 2023

Amazing stuff, very supportive and helpful. Thanks

Narine Z. | Dec 28, 2023

Great place!!! Went Christmas morning and was seen quickly for bronchitis. Prescribed Z-pack and picked it up at CVS next door!

Lindsay F. | Dec 25, 2023

Very accommodating and knew how to help quickly

Michael H. | Dec 24, 2023

Great and quick service. Very friendly and professional staff.

Rodrik H. | Dec 24, 2023

Hardly any wait time. Very clean facility and not crowded. Staff was efficient and friendly. I have already recommended it to a friend.

Rosemary L. | Dec 22, 2023

Great customer service, great provider, kind and gentle people

Salvador B. | Dec 22, 2023

Easy, quick, painless. They were super helpful.

Ananya K. | Dec 20, 2023

Everything was great. Didn’t have to wait long

Brendon W. | Dec 20, 2023

I will definitely be back this place is a great place for you

Lilit B. | Dec 18, 2023

Very pleasant staff. Exam room a bit cold. Emin spelling a n X-ray tech we’re thorough and explained procedures.

Gladys F. | Dec 17, 2023

Doctors really listen, and everyone (starting with the front desk) is companionate and kind.

Alexandra B. | Dec 16, 2023

Fast professional and friendly! The best urgent care experience I’ve ever had if you’re seeing this you don’t need to read more reviews just get in there! I couldn’t recommend another urgent care. This is it! Thx team!

James S. | Dec 16, 2023

It was fast and very convenient. I called at 9pm and they saw me at 9.30. Everybody was nice and helpful. The doctor seemed knowledgeable. If I have another problem, I will definitively come back.

Alexandre A. | Dec 15, 2023

Staff was very polite and responsive. The area was clean. Waiting time was short. Doctor was great. This is going to be my only urgent care in Glendale to go to.

Shauno M. | Dec 15, 2023

Very quick and helpful.

George H. | Dec 08, 2023

I was seen quickly. The person who checked me in was very helpful & kind, as was the Nurse Practitioner as well as the X-ray Technician. I was very pleased with my treatment & this will be my urgent care of choice.

Jacqueline P. | Dec 06, 2023

Great and fast service. The staff was great.

Aidee M. | Dec 03, 2023

Great experience, fast, easy, in & out with a great provider, MA and front desk. The faster the better and they were nice

Susan C. | Dec 02, 2023

Fast checkin, friendly staff my visit was about an hour or less. I left content.

Alicia G. | Dec 01, 2023


Paytsar G. | Nov 29, 2023

Extremely clean and no one else was in the waiting room. I was able to make an appointment and got in and out in under an hour! The staff was very kind and patient, I felt like they listened to me. I would definitely come here again!

Kelly S. | Nov 28, 2023

Pleasant staff very knowledgeable and comforting to patients. This is good when one is not feeling well.

Linda C. | Nov 28, 2023

great service!

Jocelyn R. | Nov 26, 2023

Amazing nurses and doctors on staff. Easy to get appointment and super quick during the visit.

Hannah E. | Nov 26, 2023

Office was clean, and I was seen quickly.

Lindsey B. | Nov 25, 2023

Excellent, attentive and wonderful in their service and care

Daniel O. | Nov 24, 2023

convenient location very clean Accesible parking Hilda is great she is straightforward,I really appreciate that. Great customer service

Alicia A. | Nov 22, 2023

They were so Gracious and took me after the time they usually stop. As an RN for over 45 years. I would Highly recommend this Urgent care. Everyone was so accommodating, caring, professional and friendly. Clean, fresh office and room. The NP that stitched me up was exceptionally professional and and excellent clinician. Very, very Grateful

Diane S. | Nov 19, 2023

First of all this facility is CLEAN. All the staff was friendly, professional & helpful. I was checked in, seen & leaving with a prescription all within 30-40 minutes. Bravo!

Brice O. | Nov 19, 2023

Female doctor really nice love her service

Adrian E. | Nov 18, 2023

The whole team there was fantastic! Start to finish the whole process was great. The office manager Hiarpi was very insightful and helpful all additional questions I had.

Alik A. | Nov 17, 2023

Absolutely no complaints. Everything went smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. It doesn't get better than this.

Edward A. | Nov 17, 2023

Very fast. I came in for a minor gash and was registered, seen, treated and out the door in 20 mins. The on duty nurse practictioner was very pleasant and generous. Great experience.

Ramon A. | Nov 16, 2023

Staff are amazing. Friendly and very helpful. Definitely recommend this place.

Paul B. | Nov 13, 2023

Professional and expertly seen, attention to detail and caring

John Paul G. | Nov 09, 2023

Fast and efficient.

Brian C. | Nov 07, 2023

The staff was friendly, attentive and professional. All intake paperwork was done electronically from the comfort of my cellphone and by the time I was done, someone was ready to see me. I would highly recommend San Feliz Urgent Care.

Juana M. | Nov 05, 2023

Very friendly staff.

Quinn C. | Nov 03, 2023

Amazing staff

Karine K. | Oct 30, 2023

Place is so clean, staff is great and the nurse practitioner, Hilda Fujimoto is wonderful. I feel comfortable and confident that I am in good hands. Pls keep it up no matter how busy you will be. Highly recommended.

Arlene P. | Oct 30, 2023

Excellent service

Edward C. | Oct 28, 2023

Great staff! Second time I've been to this place, very clean and I don't have to wait forever! Whatever time appt you have, you will be seen asap! They even called in my prescription at CVS across the street! Amazing! The doctor, nurse practitioner and the receptionist are so nice and friendly! My son also went to this place when he got Covid! And my co worker when she got Covid also! I highly recommend this Urgent Care to everyone!

Merle M. | Oct 27, 2023


Kristine S. | Oct 27, 2023

It was very fast and friendly service

Lusine T. | Oct 27, 2023

Fast and easy experience. Much appreciated

Annie C. | Oct 26, 2023

I developed a hematoma 3 weeks after a fall. San Feliz Urgent Care saw me immediately upon walk in, referred me to a surgeon to have it “drained”, gave advice to avoid aspirin until healed, and scheduled an on-site X-ray later that evening to confirm that no bones were broken. All of the staff were extremely friendly and professional. I will definitely seek care from San Feliz Urgent Care again, if needed.

Katherine S. | Oct 25, 2023

The nurse practitioner was amazing. Front desk staff was friendly and efficient. Was in and out in less than 20 mins. And feeling better less than 24 hours later. Highly recommend.

Keanna Q. | Oct 25, 2023

Simply put it was the best urgent care experience. Clean, modern, knowledgeable staff, new equipment. Would recommend to anyone.

Arin O. | Oct 24, 2023

I stubbed my foot so bad this morning and was convinced I broke a toe . Lucky for me, we found this gem on a Sunday and they took care of me right away. It was a bit of a drive but worth it for the all star experience. Izzy was so genuinely kind and she helped me tape my toes up. She had such a positive and humorous energy the moment she greeted us. Todd, who took my X-ray was super funny and cool. We connected over our love for Toronto and he shared some awesome throwback stories. I didn't get the other doctor's name that helped me but she was also great explaining to me everything I needed to know. Overall the facility was clean, had convenient parking in the back and it was one of the best medical experiences I had in this entire state. 10/10 would recommend!

Chuyen P. | Oct 23, 2023

Received a phone call for bloodwork, it was much appreciated.

Hasmik A. | Oct 22, 2023

Great quick service

George Edward R. | Oct 22, 2023

Everyone that works here was very caring, from the front office to the nurse to the doctor. Very prompt service, even when i called the office after I had left, they answered my question! very helpful and thorough.

Angel A. | Oct 22, 2023

Really were very kind and helpful definitely would recommend!!

Esteban M. | Oct 22, 2023

I wrote a detailed five star review on Yelp. This practice was outstanding and I was provided excellent (and compassionate) care from start-to-finish (even at 9:20 pm)! Izzy and her front desk colleague and NP Rolando were kind and professional. I left in 40 minutes having gotten the care I needed. Will be back if ever need care again.

Sabrina P. | Oct 19, 2023

Great experience

Nathan C. | Oct 17, 2023

Excellent care, fast service, friendly people

Jorge E. | Oct 15, 2023

Proffesional and friendly staff and great service.

Aren T. | Oct 14, 2023

Quick easy and painless

Nicholo S. | Oct 12, 2023

There is new, nice, and clean. They give services very fast. All staffs are nice friendly. I will recommend all my friends to this place. And there is my favorite agent care.

Naraporn T. | Oct 10, 2023

Fast, kind, so helpful and supportive

Calla G C. | Oct 10, 2023

Lynette & Dr/NP Karen are awesome!

Amy T. | Oct 10, 2023

Great experience, Very professional staff, Dr was very friendly and answered all of my questions, Took the time to exam ,And helped me . Very clean rooms. I would definitely make my urgent care for future visits , many thanks

Ararad N. | Oct 08, 2023

Everyone was friendly and courteous. There was a little problem with my insurance, but once that was taken care of they immediately took me in, the doctor. Came in n, to care of me immediately also ,then they sent my prescription to my pharmacy overall a great experience, thank you very much

Gracie D. | Oct 06, 2023

Everyone in the office was very knowledgeable very personable Don’t want to say service was excellent Service was excellent I would definitely recommend them to My family and friends

Alicia O. | Oct 05, 2023

Very friendly and professional urgent care They took me in right away and took care of me Very clean clinic and I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends Incase they need that service

Rouben O. | Oct 05, 2023

Staff are accommodating and understand clients needs.

Renald E. | Oct 03, 2023

Friendly and fast, nice facility.

Jaclyn H. | Oct 01, 2023

Very friendly

Zachary N. | Sep 23, 2023

Was amazing!!! They help my son to recover,, all the staff so professional, so kind,,, thanks and all the blessings for this amazing group.

Marco Antonio K. | Sep 23, 2023

An urgent care unlike any other. Most the urgent cares I’ve been to in LA have exhaustingly long wait times and are depressing to be in. You can make an appointment here and are seen promptly. Facility is clean, and the front desk is great at handling paperwork and insurance. Will definitely be my go to urgent care in the future.

Daniel G. | Sep 22, 2023


Elvira A. | Sep 21, 2023

Quick and they fixed me right up!

Theo R. | Sep 21, 2023

The service was excellent. I was seen in reasonable timing. I will be referring all our pharmacy patients that need Urgent Care there. I absolutely love the clinic!

Maria C. | Sep 20, 2023

Very friendly Doctors and staff, took care of my needs in a timely manner. Love the wall art n the atmosphere is very calming.

Lilia M. | Sep 20, 2023

From the minute I met Karen; I knew I was in great hands. She sized up my condition and had a great plan of attack. She explained everything to me in detail and I was on the mend. Kudos to her and the rest of the stall. Highly recommend San Feliz Urgent Care. Burt G.

Burton G. | Sep 19, 2023

They were very helpful friendly

Samantha S B. | Sep 19, 2023

San Feliz Urgent Care was very clean, comfortable and soothing. The staff was professional and caring. Dr. Hilda Fujimoto had just the right "bedside manner". All in all an excellent experience.

Sylvia V. | Sep 18, 2023

Excellent very. Professional staff

George Issa M. | Sep 18, 2023

Good knowledge

Vahik G. | Sep 17, 2023

Working in healthcare for 8 years and I know a great system when I see one. Everyone was kind and caring. I would defiantly recommend. Shoutout to everyone from the front desk, MA and NP Ogboro!

Matthew M. | Sep 14, 2023

Great and quick service, everyone is real friendly

Victor G. | Sep 14, 2023

Fast, easy, great service.

Sona A. | Sep 14, 2023

Easy, convenient and comfortable atmosphere with great customer service from team.

Patricia L. | Sep 14, 2023

Thank you very much

Gabriella G. | Sep 11, 2023

Friendly staff and providers. Felt physical examination was thorough.

William K. | Sep 10, 2023

The MA and NP Karen heard all my concerns and treated me accordingly. It was a wonderful experience!

Sabrina L. | Sep 08, 2023

The staff here are very professional and make sure all your questions are answered before you leave. They also follow up with you when they say they will. The office is clean and climate controlled, will definitely come back if I need urgent care.

Tracey C. | Sep 07, 2023

It was really fast and efficient.

Alexandra Paola E. | Sep 07, 2023

Amazing experience! Great client care from the front desk to the doctor visit. I was able to book a same day appointment and they took care of my insurance. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Y. | Sep 04, 2023

Caring staff and doctors. No waiting :)

Mary O. | Sep 03, 2023

Very fast service, very kind and patient staff, clean and calm facility, good care.

Sonia P. | Sep 02, 2023

very kind and empathetic staff

Lousine A. | Sep 01, 2023

Everyone was very attentive and professional

Juana E. | Sep 01, 2023

very nice and helpful people!

Jonah D. | Aug 30, 2023

Good Morning! I can say for my first time being to San Feliz Urgent care was a great experience, i was taken care immediately from the wonderful receptionist/Nurse doing paperwork was explained to me. And Dr Hilda is such an amazing professional Dr that cares and makes sure you understand and has respect and makes sure you are feeling safe. Alex the XRay technician was also an amazing person he explained everything he would be doing very nice and such a kind young man every one here is professional and caring and so sweet every one is doing their job and helping orhers. Not to mention i have anxiety so when i walked in to the urgent care it gave me such a peace and calmness in my body mind and soul they have beautiful TV with calming nature music and show... it's very clean and sanitized from the entrance to the bathroom and private rooms! So much light as in good energy snells clean. Its actually a new Urgent care i dod not have to wait so far I recommend this Beautiful and professional loving Urgent Care such a blessing to have cane across here, Thank you Dr Hilda, Alex and all the nurses and receptionist and staff for your support and kindness! The parking is also in the back so its perfect ! God bless this place and staff ! I will continue coming here if anything arises!

Griselda S. | Aug 29, 2023

I thank you all for your attention and your excellent service. Specially, Todd and Dr. Karen G, for her concern and care to make me feel better. Thanks, I feel better now.

Lourdes G. | Aug 29, 2023

The doctor was great, good bedside manner.

Linda C. | Aug 28, 2023

easy and nice

Kayla T. | Aug 28, 2023

Friendly doctor and staff. Not crowded.

Jude S. | Aug 25, 2023

I was seen quickly and got my prescription refills. The nurse practitioner was very kind and helpful

Robert Roy S. | Aug 25, 2023

Nice staff, communicative, efficient, explains things well, caring, personable

Karen S. | Aug 20, 2023

Excellent customer service and very professional and clean. I know it’s a new urgent care and hopefully they keep the same momentum.

Kevoni H. | Aug 17, 2023

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Test T. | Aug 16, 2023

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Test T. | Aug 16, 2023

Extremely helpful and professional. Thanks for the care

Margaret L. | Aug 16, 2023

Was able to book a telehealth appointment on very short notice. They provided knowledgeable and caring care - I was able to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy within several hours of the appointment.

Mark W. | Aug 15, 2023

Very quick and friendly staff.

Richard C. | Aug 15, 2023

Pretty quick service and very friendly staff

Analynn Joy L. | Aug 15, 2023

Caring professionals to help you when you need help the most.

Luis B. | Aug 15, 2023

Great doctor very caring and efficient and there was no waiting time

Gary R. | Aug 15, 2023

Dr karen is really knowledgeable and nice. Thank you

Sina D. | Aug 15, 2023

It was very good service & have kind and professional persons.

Herach Z. | Aug 15, 2023

Good service helpful staff

Lita V. | Aug 14, 2023

The staff were all really wonderful. Karen was my PA and she was the best PA I think I've ever had treat me. I highly recommend this urgent care because I didn't have to wait long and the treatment was efficient and effective.

Meghan S. | Aug 12, 2023

I have never ever EVER!!!! Had a better experience going to doctor visit of any type let alone an urgentcare one in my life including see my own friends and family that are in the medical field this has to bee by miles the best urgentcare that has ever existed!! I do not usually do reviews maybe this is my 4th time in my whole life sometimes must go unimaginable wrong like loosing my leg at a restaurant for me to take time to write a review or like this truly unbelievable experience to do a good review I would have done yelp and … but is only selfish reasons I’m not posting this everywhere I’m scared the whole world would just rush there and won’t have time for me next time lol Thank you guys : )

Armin K. | Aug 08, 2023

very quick, efficient, and kind care! If i were to need urgent care again I would come back here.

Nyra Z. | Aug 07, 2023

Super friendly and very fast.

Jessica H. | Aug 06, 2023

New and clean office. Mixed stuff, some very friendly, some so so. No big line, compared other UC. A good option to quick figure out health issues.

Myalo V. | Aug 06, 2023

Professional, very clean, very kind ladies on the staff.

Jessica G. | Aug 05, 2023

Very friendly staff

Margarita Sarai R. | Aug 05, 2023

Very well Job done

Vahik G. | Aug 04, 2023


Ana A. | Aug 03, 2023

Everyone was very nice and helpful.

Lisa M. | Aug 02, 2023

Great doctor and service

Jovanna V. | Aug 01, 2023

Quick in and out. Got checked out, got diagnosed and prescribed medication. Great services from beginning to the end.

Jorge T. | Aug 01, 2023

I went in on Saturday around 5pm and they were open. They were helpful and went above my expectations. So great service, little to no waiting, and they took my basic insurance. I would recommend and will definitely come back, but hopefully I don't need to anytime soon.

Abigail A. | Aug 01, 2023

I loved this place, they have a great Doctor and the staff is amazing. I was seen very fast, Doctor Ogboro was very helpful, and gave me a copy of my approved prescriptions even helped find me find a 24 hour pharmacy. I am so glad Doctor Ogboro helped me out.

Wendy S. | Jul 29, 2023

Friendly and courteous, and a nice new facility. Would recommend to anyone!

Dirintira C. | Jul 25, 2023

The best urgent care experience I have ever had!

Jaye R. | Jul 22, 2023

I had a great experience great staff and the doctor was amazing and careful very cleann!! I recommend 100%

Arkim M. | Jul 21, 2023

I fell at Jamala Beach. I drove all the way to my house in Atwater Village. I saw the new sign for San Feliz urgent care. The facility was clean and actually beautiful. I was greeted with kindness and was able to get ice and an X-ray. I didn't break anything but slept the night with prescription ibuprofen and peace of mind. My pain is less today . I am resting and elevating and using an ice pack. Thanks San Feliz Urgent Care.

Lark Ann M. | Jul 20, 2023

Everyone was very helpful and thoughtful. Felt 100% better after my visit.

Shannon S. | Jul 19, 2023

Amazing service so glad I stopped by here for help with my shoulder strain.

Tiffany J. | Jul 18, 2023

I was prescribed meds and was seen in a time efficient manner. Very grateful and pleased with the staff and will be using San feliz urgent care for all of my and my family’s medical needs.

Kristina A. | Jul 18, 2023

I’m more than happy to recommend San Feliz Urgent Care. Friendly and professional staff. I was in and out within an hour. The prescription I was given is working and I’m getting better.

Oscar G. | Jul 18, 2023

Very quick, caring and knowledgeable staff!! 5 stars across the board!!!

Monica F. | Jul 17, 2023

Amazing. Quick & efficient. Listened to my concerns and helped treated me. Checks up after you leave.

Kaylynd Michelle B. | Jul 16, 2023

Everyone there are Nice and care

Yu Ying Sally Z. | Jul 16, 2023

Thank you!

Sandra M. | Jul 10, 2023

Very kind

Matthew Thomas G. | Jul 09, 2023

We received a prompt care from the staff especially Dr. Carapiet. The wait time was not long as everyone was very helpful and sufficient with their time. The place is very clean and pleasant .

Suren S. | Jul 08, 2023

The staff was very professional, really listened to any concerns I had, gave me options and encouraged follow ups.

Clarice G. | Jul 03, 2023

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The physician was very thorough and took her time with her examination and answering my questions. Great service. Highly recommend

Sevana P. | Jul 02, 2023

Dr Karen and her staff are very friendly and accomodating

Violet M. | Jul 01, 2023

About San Feliz Urgent Care

San Feliz Urgent Care in Glendale, California, provides superior medical care for the whole family. The highly trained medical specialists have experience managing the acute and chronic health needs of adults and children and specialize in primary care and urgent care services.

The office features on-site lab services, X-rays, and other advanced diagnostic technologies to ensure individuals get the answers they need to make informed decisions about their health.

Available primary care services include same-day sick visits for strep throat, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and minor injuries. The physicians customize individual care plans that address the root cause of illness rather than just masking symptoms.

San Feliz Urgent Care values the importance of preventive care and offers annual physicals, sports physicals, and immunizations. The team screens for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension) and provides sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing on-site.

The Glendale-area practice also offers wellness services like intravenous (IV) hydration therapy to strengthen immunity, restore energy, and support recovery from strenuous exercise. The highly skilled team personalizes IV therapy to rehydrate the body and deliver essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream.

For the convenience of busy families, extended office hours are available. The team maintains a safe, welcoming environment for families and focuses on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. The providers also have access to a nearby emergency room and children’s hospital to coordinate care for medical emergencies.

Call San Feliz Urgent Care to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today. 

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