Do I Really Need to Get a Physical Every Year?

Sep 02, 2023
Do I Really Need to Get a Physical Every Year?
Physicals are all about keeping you healthy, but do you really need one every year? We answer that question and more here.

It’s significantly better — not to mention more accessible — to prevent a disease or health condition than to treat one after it’s had time to develop. For this reason, you must check in with your physician regularly, usually about once a year.

Our San Feliz Urgent Care team, located in Glendale, California, offers yearly physicals — sometimes called checkups or well-visits — to benefit your health and well-being. This blog reviews why they’re so essential to get annually and what to expect when you see us for one.

The importance of yearly physicals

Annual trips to the doctor are focused on preventive care. Our team can screen for health conditions and catch any illness or disease early before there’s a risk of complications.


Physicals allow you to chat with our team and review what’s going on with your health. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring up any non-emergent health concerns you have and set some health goals. 

Yearly physicals are also a great way to connect with our team and give us the chance to get to know you better. This is helpful when you have health concerns and need to see someone familiar with your medical history.

Adults and children can benefit from yearly San Feliz Urgent Care physicals. What’s covered in each visit varies depending on gender, age, and health concerns, but they’re still necessary to check your health status.

What to expect from a yearly physical

The first step starts with the basics. Our team discusses how you’ve been feeling, reviews your health conditions, and reviews your medical and family history. We also ensure you’re thriving emotionally and mentally before checking in on your physical health. 

We may perform some of the following procedures to look for any signs of underlying disease:

  • Check height and weight to calculate BMI for risks of obesity or cancers
  • Look at blood pressure for symptoms of hypertension
  • Draw blood to test for diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Ask about changes in body temperature or breathing rate
  • Examine extremities for any signs of swelling

If you’re a woman, you may also need a breast exam or a Pap test included in your physical; if you’re a man, we might consist of a prostate exam.

We also offer sports physicals to make sure your child is in good physical shape for whatever sport they plan to participate in. We can look for signs of asthma and recommend practical warm-up exercises to decrease the risk of injury.

Scheduling your physical exam

If it’s been over a year since your last physical, don’t delay scheduling your next one. We value your health and believe that annual physicals are integral to your well-being. To set up a physical with us, contact our team today by calling or using our online scheduler